Accessorizing is one of the keys to bringing the whole look together and one of the easiest ways to add personality to the room. However, accessorizing should only be done once everything else is in place, because if you try to accessorize before having the other layers in place, it is too difficult to know how things will balance out.

Start by adding artwork and mirrors, then add cushions/pillows, greenery and flowers, unique pieces, decorative table boxes, candles, etc.

Prior to heading to the stores to purchase any accessories for the space, take an inventory of what your client has available to use in the space. For example, your inventory could read:

• 1 six-foot palm tree

• 2 ledge plants

• 1 crystal vase

• Various silk flowers in whites and reds

• 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small gold decorative box

• Glass bottle collection (7 in total)

• 3 large gold and black floor candleholders plus 3 gold candles

• 2 medium sized candleholders

• Tuscany style painting (32” wide x 24” high)

• Scenic print in blues, yellow, rusts (18” wide x 24” high)

• 2 black velvet cushions (18” x 18”)

• 2 gold striped satin cushions (14” x 14”)

After taking the inventory of what your client has, take the time to determine what acces sories are still wanted or required for the space being decorated. This way, when you are out at the stores, you can refer to both lists so that you can get the items required while making sure they will work with what is already in the room.



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