Appendix Construction

Appendix – Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996


Report of results of every inspection made in pursuance of regulation 29(1)

1. Name and address of person for whom inspection was carried out. 


2.   Site address                                              3. Date and time of inspection.






4.   Location and description of workplace (including any plant, equipment or materials) inspected.


5.   Matters which give rise to any health and safety risks.


6.   Can work be carried out safely?

7.   If not, name of person informed.                               Y/N                           




8.   Details of any other action taken as a result of matters identified in 5 above.


9.   Details of any further action considered necessary.





 10. Name and position of person

     making the report.

11. Date report handed over

Construction activities – hazards and control

Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996





Place of work requiring inspection



Timing and frequency of inspection



Before being used for the first time.


After substantial addition, dismantling or alteration.



After any event likely to have affected its strength or stability.



At regular intervals not exceeding 7 days.


Before work at the start of every shift.


After accidental fall of rock, earth or any material.


Any working platform or part thereof or any personal suspension equipment.





















Excavations which are supported in pursuit of paragraphs (1), (2) or (3) of regulation 12.












Cofferdams and










1. The inspection report should be completed before the end of the relevant working period.
2. The person who prepares the report should, within 24 hours, provide either the report or a copy to the person on whose behalf the inspection was carried out.
3. The report should be kept on site until work is complete. It should then be retained for three months at an office of the person for whom the inspection was carried out.

Working platforms only

1.    An inspection is only required where a person is liable to fall more than 2 metres from a place of work.
2.    Any employer or any other person who controls the activities of persons using a scaffold shall ensure that it is stable and of sound construction and that the relevant safeguards are in place before his employees or persons under his control first use the scaffold.
3.    No report is required following the inspection of any mobile tower scaffold which remains in the same place for less than 7 days.
4.    Where an inspection of a working platform or part thereof or any personal suspension equipment is carried out:
i.    before it is taken into use for the first time; or
ii.    after any substantial addition, dismantling or other alteration; not more than one report is required for any 24 hour period.

Excavations only

1.    The duties to inspect and prepare a report apply only to any excavation which needs to be supported to prevent any person being trapped or buried by an accidental collapse, fall or dislodgement of material from its sides, roof or area adjacent to it. Although an excavation must be inspected at the start of every shift, only one report of such inspections is required every 7 days. Reports must be completed for all inspections carried out during this period for other purposes, e.g. after accidental fall of material.



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