When preparing brochures, focus on communicating all the benefits of attending. Benefits of attending an event may include:

• a fun night out

• supporting a good cause

• reconnecting with old friends

• learning something new

• networking

• hearing a celebrity speak (or meeting a celebrity)

• keeping up with current trends in the industry


Among the other items you might include in a brochure:


• Who should attend

• When and where the event takes place

• Information about the entertainers or speakers

• Testimonials (e.g. from someone who attended last year)

• That seats are limited (mention if past events sold out)

• A call to action such as “Get your tickets now!”

• How to register, including your phone number and web address


The ideal brochure for a public event is one that can double as a poster (e.g. printed on one side of a colorful 8½“ x 11” sheet). Post them on public bulletin boards and, if appropriate, boards at bookstores and college campuses.


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