Creating A PowerPoint Presentation

Creating A PowerPoint Presentation

Is a method of using supporting resources to develop an oral presentation, i.e. giving a talk . When creating a presentation it is important not to use more slides than are necessary. A few basic rules apply when using PowerPoint:

• The 6/6 rule – no more than 6-8 lines per slide and no more than 6-8 words per line. Only enter key words onto the slides, not full sentences. This is important if the audience is going to listen to what is being said
• Use voice pitch and tone to vary what is being said – it may be necessary to pause and emphasise some words. This will make the presentation more interesting for the audience
• Keep animations simple – lots of words whizzing round the screen, and eye-catching transitions between slides, may seem like fun but they are very distracting to the audience
• Keep colours simple – using the templates and colours provided will make for an attractive and professional-looking presentation
• Remember – the PowerPoint presentation should be used to support the oral presentation, not the other way around. It is important to know the subject well and to practise at least three times before the actual presentation. This will enable the presenter to speak much more naturally and only use the PowerPoint slides to prompt what they need to say
• Nerves – nerves before giving a presentation are part of the experience. Just before the start of the presentation, imagine it is over and everyone is clapping and smiling, saying what a good presentation it was and that there appeared to be no nerves.


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