Electrical hazards and injuries


Electrical hazards and injuries

Electricity is a safe, clean and quiet method of transmitting energy. However, this apparently benign source of energy when accidentally brought into contact with conducting material, such as people, animals or metals, permits releases of energy’ which may result in serious damage or loss of life. Constant awareness is necessary to avoid and prevent danger from accidental releases of electrical energy.

The principal hazards associated with electricity are:

•    electric shock
•    electric burns
•    electrical fires and explosions
•    arcing
•    portable electrical equipment
•    secondary hazards.

10.3.1 Electric shock and burns 

Electric shock is the convulsive reaction by the human body to the flow of electrical current through it. This sense of shock is accompanied by pain and, in more severe cases, by burning. The shock can be produced by low voltages, high voltages or lightning. Most incidents of electric shock occur when the person becomes the route to earth for a live conductor. The effect of electrical shock and the resultant severity of injury depend upon the size of the electrical current passing through the body which, in turn, depends on the voltage and the electrical resistance of the skin. If the skin is wet, a shock from mains voltage (220/240V) could well be fatal. The effect of shock is very dependent on conditions at the time but it is always dangerous and must be avoided. Electrical burns are usually more severe than those caused by heat, since they can penetrate deep into the tissues of the body. 

The effect of electric current on the human body depends on its pathway through the body (e.g. hand to hand or hand to foot), the frequency of the current, the length of time of the shock and the size of the current. Current size is dependent on the duration of contact and the electrical resistance of body tissue. The electrical resistance of the body is greatest in the skin and is approximately 100 000 ohm, however, this may be reduced by a factor of 100 when the skin is wet. The body beneath the skin offers very little resistance to electricity due to its very high water content and, while the overall body resistance varies considerably between people and during the lifetime of each person, it averages at 1000 ohm. Skin that is wounded, bruised or damaged will considerably reduce human electrical resistance and work should not be undertaken on electrical equipment if damaged skin is unprotected.

Electrical hazards and control

An electrical current of 1 mA is detectable by touch and one of 10 mA will cause muscle contraction which may prevent the person from being able to release the conductor, and if the chest is in the current path, respiratory movement may be prevented causing asphyxia. Current passing through the chest may also cause fibrillation of the heart (vibration of the heart muscle) and disrupt the normal rhythm of the heart, though this is likely only within a particular range of currents. The shock can also cause the heart to stop completely (cardiac arrest) and this will lead to the cessation of breathing. Current passing through the respiratory centre of the brain may cause respiratory arrest that does not quickly respond to the breaking of the electrical contact. These effects on the heart and respiratory system can be caused by currents as low as 25 mA. It is not possible to be precise on the threshold current because it is dependent on the environmental con¬ditions at the time, as well as the age, sex, body weight and health of the person.

Burns of the skin occur at the point of electrical contact due to the high resistance of skin. These burns may be deep, slow to heal and often leave permanent scars. Burns may also occur inside the body along the path of the electric current causing damage to muscle tissue and blood cells.



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