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Ageing is one of the basic stages of human life. Ageing is characterised by some basic features that characterise it as an end to the life of the individual. The cells of the body become old and unable to regenerate as they were in the youth stage. In the ageing stage, the incidence of various diseases increases, including psychological diseases or disorders. The incidence of psychological diseases or disorders increases in ageing due to many variables and factors, notably lack of work, the death of life partner, the marriage of children, friends’ departure and the lack of goals and activities that enhance the feeling of existence. In this stage, the elderly are more likely to suffer from depression and loneliness, lose the desire for life, and suffer from psychological and mood disorders that require the availability of psychosocial services. Older persons need psychological support and assistance from competent authorities. Many studies are aimed at studying ageing as a basic stage of life. They are aimed at:

  • identifying the most prevalent psychological problems among the elderly,
  • determining the rates of incidence of them in order to determine the necessary psychological services,
  • raising awareness of the nature of the psychological changes facing the individual during that stage,
  • raising awareness of the most important psychological problems of the individual during that stage and how to prevent the incidence of those mental disorders,
  • raising awareness of the importance of the existence of rehabilitation programs to help the elderly to overcome those mental disorders, and
  • stressing the continuity of life.

Many international institutions work to raise awareness of the importance of health and psychological care for older persons and provide them with the necessary protection against poverty associated with loss of employment through social insurance programs and health and psychological insurance programs, in order to help them live well.

The Psychology Of Old Age Professional program aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Studying the concept of ageing and the most important symptoms and physiological changes that refer to the actual ageing of the individual.
  • Studying the most important psychological problems facing the elderly and systems of assessment of those problems.
  • Studying a set of models and theories related to the study of the biological, psychological and mental changes of older people and the practical results associated with those studies.
  • Studying the most important factors and different life conditions affecting the elderly and the psychological consequences of those circumstances.
  • Studying the most important efforts and programs targeted to provide psychological support and early diagnosis and care and rehabilitation programs for older people.

  • Psychologists.
  • Teachers and teachers of supplementary and secondary education.
  • Psychological and educational counsellors.
  • All member counsellors.
  • Child mental health workers.
  • Child behaviour specialists.
  • Parents and workers in the field of vocational training
  • Those who wish to obtain this programme regardless of age or specialisation.


  • Introduction and overview
  • The meaning of ‘old age’
  • Discrimination against older persons
  • Effects of stereotype
  • Cognitive changes in old age
  • Changes in intelligence
  • Interpretive changes in intelligence
  • Changes in memory
  • Social changes in ageing
  • Activity theory
  • Evaluation of activity theory
  • Theory of social exchange
  • Psychological theory
  • Characteristics of the ego
  • Evaluation of psycho-social theory
  • Retirement
  • Different retirement responses
  • The loss of a loved one
  • Proactive grief
  • Differences between cultures
  • Conclusions
  • Summary

  • £99
  • 30 Days

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