Theory Y

 Is a managerial approach based on the belief that human beings can be stimulated by and energetic towards work, providing it has the potential to engage their interest. A common mistake is to believe that McGregor  ’s theory is about different worker types. It is not. His concern was to examine managerial attitudes and their effects. The main assumptions identified by McGregor as Theory Y were:

• The expenditure of physical and mental effort in work is as natural as play or rest…
• The average human being learns, under proper conditions, not only to accept but to seek responsibility…
• The capacity to exercise a relatively high degree of imagination, ingenuity, and creativity in the solution of organisational problems is widely, not narrowly, distributed in the population.’ (D McGregor, The Human Side of Enterprise  , Penguin, 1987; first published 1960)

 It has often been remarked that McGregor’s Theory Y anticipated by more than ten years almost all of the management approach known as the Japanese way  . (See also Theory X  and Theory Z  .)


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