Bowlby, John /1907-1990

Bowlby, John /1907-1990

Famous for his views on the importance of attachment  or bonding  . He investigated the bond that forms between the primary care giver and the infant or young child. Deprivation of this bond may have consequences for the infant or young child, on both their short- and long-term development.

Bowlby believed that an infant should experience a warm, intimate and continuous relationship with his or her mother. Drawing upon evidence gathered from a variety of sources, including studies of hospitalised children, institutionalised children and evacuees, as well as experimental work with motherless monkeys, Bowlby suggested that prolonged separation  from the primary care giver (usually the mother) or the failure to form an attachment bond (privation) leads to adverse effects in later life. This may include the development of difficulties in forming intimate relationships with others. Bowlby claimed that children who were deprived of maternal love would always be disadvantaged in some way, either physically, socially or emotionally.


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