Essential Decorating Tools

Essential Decorating Tools


Following is a list of some of the supplies and/or tools you will need:

• Paint chips (a master paint sampler with hundreds of shades)

• Color wheel

• Manufacturers catalogs

• Paper (including both plain white paper and graph paper)

• Notepad

• Pencils (with erasers) and pens

• Measuring tapes (both a good firm metal one (at least 25’ long) with a lock on it and a soft flexible cloth one)

• Rulers (including a scale ruler and a straight edge)

• Calculator

• Furniture templates

• Fabric swatches

• Sample floor coverings


Ideally, you should keep these “decorating tools” in a briefcase (your “decorating kit”) that you take with you each time you are working – whether you are going to a furniture store, a client’s home or a showroom. (However, you will only need a few fabric swatches and sample floor coverings because these items will change from client to client.)


You may be amazed at how many times you end up pulling out your measuring tape, notepad and pen in various settings to measure and record the dimensions of either a wall or window or a piece of furniture or even an accessory. The cloth measuring tape is great for measuring soft items such as cushions. The graph paper (and white paper), ruler, pencil, calculator and furniture template are great for drawing out decorating floor plans.
You can pick up a furniture template and a scale ruler at a home improvement
store such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Rona (in Canada) or Homebase or B&Q (in England). The scale ruler is extremely helpful when you are drawing odd sized furnish ings to scale such as occasional tables and chairs, etc.

You can find out where to get a color wheel in the section on color. You should be able to pick up the sampler paint chips from a large paint store. Let them know you are in the interior decorating business and this may help with you obtaining a full paint sampler.


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