Executives training

Executives training 


Executives require knowledge and training in new methods.  Junior executives usually do not present any difficulty as they are full of determination to make the top grade.  They will come along willingly to learn everything that is offered to them.  They are even keen to do assignments so as to consolidate the results of their labour.

For these people, formal lectures by experts, as well as discussion groups, should be arranged.  This will allow the junior executives to become conversant with day to day problems in the organisation and they will also learn how such problems are tackled in other organisations.

There is always a problem in arranging a training programme for senior executives. 

It would appear that the only real solution is for the Managing Director to hold informal conferences which they should attend. At these conferences changes in policy can be discussed and new ideas considered.  If necessary an industrial consultant may be invited to give his views on the matter under consideration. 

If the discussion is on personnel policy, then the personnel manager should be invited to attend the conference so that he may give those present the benefit of his research and experience.


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