Experiment with Different Furniture Arrangements

Experiment with Different Furniture Arrangements


After you have drawn a floor plan, determined the balance lines of the room, traffic patterns, focal point and what the room will be used for, you can then start experiment ing with the different options for furniture placement. You can do this by drawing differ ent pieces of furniture in pencil onto your floor plan using a furniture template, or use furniture cut-outs such as those on the next .



TIP: Print out the previous , then cut out the furniture pieces you want to use, and rearrange them until you have the layout you want.
When using a furniture template, ensure that you use one in the same scale as your
floor plan. If you have drawn your floor plan to 1/2-inch scale, ensure you use a 1/2-inch scale furniture template.

Start by placing the largest pieces of wooden furniture, then the largest upholstered items, smaller upholstered items, then tables and so on. If an arrangement looks too cramped or doesn’t look good, you can erase or move the furnishings and start again until you end up with an arrangement that works great within the room.

As mentioned earlier, computer planning can make your job a lot easier by allowing you to quickly move objects around on your screen.

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