Getting Clients

Getting Clients


I love what you’ve done with your home! Who decorated it?
My decorator is (your name). I’m delighted with the job s/he did. May I have your decorator’s phone number? I’d love to have my
home done too.



This is an example of the way many decorators find most of their clients—through word of mouth. Someone who has been thinking of getting their home redecorated visits a friend whose home was recently decorated, and the conversation naturally turns to “who did it?” As you probably know from personal experience, a recommendation from a friend is perhaps the most powerful form of advertising that exists.



But don’t despair if you want to sell your decorating services to a market you have no previous experience with (for example, if you want to work with the wealthy, but haven’t yet decorated any multi-millionaires’ homes). In this section of the guide you will find a variety of ideas to help you attract clients. And once you have done a great job for those first few clients, you can start attracting more through word of mouth.

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