How Often Should You Call?

How Often Should You Call?


I have heard a few decision-makers say that persistence pays off. In other words, someone who calls repeatedly will eventually get their call returned. However, they are probably the exception to the rule. Most decision-makers say someone who pesters them turns them off. One woman told us she makes a mental note of the people who call repeatedly and resolves never to have anything to do with them.
Calling without leaving a message may seem like a good idea, but many business­
people have caller ID on their telephone. If they see a dozen calls from someone who doesn’t leave a message, they are likely to assume the caller is selling something they would not be interested in. Not only will the decision-maker not pick up the phone, but also they may become so irritated with the calls that they may respond negatively when the caller finally does leave a message.


If your first call is not returned, I recommend calling a second time a few days later,
just in case your first message didn’t get through. Messages are rarely erased acciden­ tally, but you wouldn’t want to miss a business opportunity if, for some reason, it hap­ pened to your call. If neither of your calls is returned, it may be wise to wait awhile before calling again or focus instead on prospective clients who are interested in work­
ing with you.
TIP: You are much more likely to get your call returned if you say you were referred by someone the decision-maker knows and respects. Ask for referrals after all your talks and slip “______ suggested I call you” into the script after your name.

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