Invite the Media to Event

Invite the Media to the Event


To get media to cover the event, contact the assignment editor at TV stations, the
news director at radio stations, and the appropriate editors at magazines and newspa­ pers. Remember to include any “society” columns which might run a photo of the organization executive members and guest speaker.

A good way to invite the media is by sending a media advisory. This is a one-page document which you can fax, email or mail. The following template is provided by Real World PR.

Make sure you are prepared to work with any media that attend the event. You should have: a volunteer or staff member to assist them, someone they can inter­ view, and media kits. A media kit is a two-pocket folder (either purchased from a stationery store, or printed with your client’s logo) with information about the event and the organization.

It may include:

• News release

• Fact sheet

• Backgrounder

• Brochure

• Biography of the CEO or celebrity speaker

• Photographs

• Photocopies of news stories about past events

• Small promotional items (e.g. bookmark, postcard, etc.)


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