As Debbie Travis, from the popular TV show Debbie Travis’ Painted House, says, painting a room is one of the easiest ways to transform a space. It is also one of the easiest ways to bring in color and add life to a room.

Some of the advantages of painting a room are that it is relatively inexpensive and it doesn’t take much time (compared to some of the other wall treatment options).

Many people prefer to have their room(s) painted the traditional way with brushes and rollers. Depending on your client’s wishes, they may choose to use an oil-based paint (which takes longer to paint with but is durable) or water-based paint (latex) which is a lot quicker to paint with and easier to work with. You may need to help your client with choosing what type of finish to have (from flat, to semi-gloss, to gloss to high gloss).
It is preferable to use flat or semi-gloss paints in main living areas such as a living
room, dining room or family room and a higher gloss paint (which are easier to clean) in an area like the kitchen. However, everyone has their personal tastes and preferences.

There are many different colors and types of paints to choose from. Some of the more popular paints used today are Benjamin Moore, Behr, Martha Stewart, Pittsburgh Paints, Pratt & Lambert and Ralph Lauren (this line has some incredible suede style paints!)

If your client wants to have their room painted but would prefer something more unique, there are a variety of decorative faux techniques that can be used to add depth, interest and beauty to a room. To create a faux finish, a water-based paint color is mixed to gether with a “faux” glaze (the ratio is normally one part paint to four parts glaze) and then the mixed glaze is applied in various ways.


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