Publicity Before the Event

Publicity Before the Event


The best way to market an event– with the greatest number of attendees for the lowest cost – is to get free media publicity before the event. While you don’t have the final say over what gets reported, the exposure can give a tremendous boost to ticket sales.

To market your event, submit a summary of your event details (date, time, theme, cost, what’s happening, etc.) to any upcoming events columns in local newspapers and maga­ zines. If your client is a non-profit organization, type “Public Service Announcement” at
the top of the notice, and send it to radio stations and cable TV stations as well.
If you have a celebrity, speaker, or an articulate entertainer who will be appearing at the event, contact local media to arrange interviews before the event. Long distance tele­ phone interviews can be done by local newspapers and radio stations. Newspapers
can do interviews by email as well.

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