Returns and Refunds

Returns and Refunds


Return and refund polices vary from one furniture store to the next and can be as strict as no returns/refunds allowed whatsoever to having 30 days (and on rare occasions even longer) for you and your client to decide whether you are satisfied with the furniture after the item has been delivered.


Before any furniture item is ordered or purchased, find out the store’s policies on returns and refunds.  Even if you and your client think that the item will be perfect with the other items in the room, sometimes an item can look quite different in your client’s home from what it looked like in the showroom because of different lighting, carpeting, furnishings, etc.

Additionally, although your client might be incredibly enthusiastic about a particular piece of furniture while you are at the furniture store, they might not feel the same way about it later on.  Therefore, it is helpful to either know that an item is nonrefundable or to have a plan in place to return an item if it does not work or is not wanted once delivered to your client’s home.


If an item is special ordered (where you have selected the upholstery and/or wood color, etc.) chances are you will not be able to return the product once it is delivered to your client.  However, some stores will allow returns if you pay a restocking fee.  

A restock ing fee is normally a percentage of the original purchase price that is paid to the store to take back the item for a refund. An average restocking fee is 10-15 percent (but they can even range from as little as five percent up to 25 percent).


For example, if your client had custom ordered a sofa for $2,000 and after a number of days they decided that it wasn’t right for them, in a situation where there was a 10 percent restocking fee on refunds, your client could then return the sofa and receive

$1,800 back.  In essence, they will have paid the furniture store $200 as a restocking fee to cover the store’s cost of ordering the product in, plus the fact that they now have to keep the product on their floor until it is sold to another individual.


Some stores will only give store credits on allowed returns (and no cash back) to ensure that the money your client paid out for the original piece of furniture stays with the store.  However, your client will then have an option to select a different piece of furniture from that store that may work better for their situation.


If a full refund is allowed on the return of an item, this means that your client will receive the full amount back for the item purchased.  But they will not receive back any delivery charges they paid to get the product to them in the first place and you or your client will be responsible for ensuring that the product is returned to the store at your client’s expense.


Although some stores will allow a form of refund on special order items, keep in mind that the vast majority of furniture stores have a policy that once you special order a piece of furniture, the item is yours and there are no options to return it.


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