Tips in determining wall tratments

Tips in determining wall tratments


Some things you might want to take into consideration with determining the wall treatments for the room are as follows:


• What color walls will look best within the color scheme? After you have selected the color scheme for the room and determined flooring require­
ments and selected an area rug, you will then have a better idea of what
color to choose for the walls. The color will need to complement the other elements within the room.

• Are there any defects in the walls that should be covered? If there are defects in the walls, then wallpaper, wood or fabric might be the best choice.

• Is it preferable to have a cozy feel or a spacious, airy feel in the room?
If a room is to have a cozy feel, then darker and warmer colors will draw the room in while cool and pale colors will draw the room out if a more spacious look is desired.
• Does more texture need to be brought in to the room? If more texture
is required, fabric, wallpaper or tile can provide both tactile and visual texture while a faux finish can provide visual texture.
• Is there any requirement or desire to have tiles on the walls? If you are decorating a kitchen or bathroom, there may be a desire to include tiles on
the wall.

• Would the style of the room warrant wood walls? The style you and your client have chosen to decorate with will determine whether wood walls will work within the space. For example, in a Colonial style room, wood wain scoting would look fabulous while in a Country style room, cedar wood paneling would also look great. However, in a Modern style or Neo-classical style room, wood walls would not be a good choice.

• Is a faux finish look desired? If a faux finish look is desired and will look good within the space and with the style of decorating, then you will need to determine with your client what type of faux finishing technique to use. If you are decorating a Neo-classical style living room, then a marble faux finish would look fabulous. If you are decorating a Southwestern style room, then
a colorwashed faux finish would look great.

• Are any moldings required to give the room a more elegant and fin­ ished look? Once again, the style chosen to decorate the room and any finishing touches that are needed will factor into whether any additional moldings should be added to the walls. Traditional style rooms would look great with additional crown, chair and case moldings.


Have your client take the time to answer the above questions with you. After you have explored the options, you will then be in a better position to recommend wall treatments.


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